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Norman Puhl

Product Owner at PM-International AG

Working and getting coached by ScrumAlliance was amazing. They were always open, responded to individual questions and met each of us where we were at the time. They never left anyone behind and were able to form a good unit out of us.

Feedback from our Clients:


Regina Rimkute

Vladymyr is an excellent coach with rich experience. I find it interesting listening and discussing with Vladymyr


Anna Serebriannikova

I am grateful to our coach Vladymyr for interesting informative sessions in a cool team of like-minded people with practical recommendations and analysis of mistakes. The case when you are really looking forward to the next week and new session again and again.


Pavel Ryzhikh

Product Management

This course is useful for all Product Owners. It will help to put your thoughts in order and set higher goals for yourself.


Anton Godunov-Frenkel

The course from Vladymyr will be suitable for those who need not a quick acquisition of information but a systematic improvement of their skills stretched over time, and the acquisition of real knowledge and most importantly practical skills! Highly recommended !!!


Anton Yakovlev

With Vladymyr's help, I really understood how coaching works and how useful it is, unlike other forms of Education. It was a great experience and I am very glad that it was so useful for me.


Aleksei Komarov

CEO/ Head of Product

A lot of new information that not only teaches how to work correctly, but also changes the patterns of thinking

Independence Day of Ukraine

Kamelia Keine

The best way to get knowledge and skills together with your team


Sergei Moskalev

Vladymyr is a great coach! All sessions were excellent and helped to find answers to the most tricky questions! Thank you

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