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*To Get Certified as Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO®) you need to visit 11 sessions, 90 min each. Your are building your own schedule when you want to participate in 11 sessions. We are running sessions twice a week(Every Tuesday and Every Saturday), you can attend both to complete course earlier or build your own schedule. We also have an option to add one more session during a week. 

In Case of ANY questions, please contact:

Our Best Price Guarantee means that you can be sure of booking at the best rate. If you find a lower price elsewhere within 24 hours of booking, we will match the lower rate


    655.00 EUR / 952 CAD

    All 11 Sessions + Certification included
    Valid for 2 months
    • Set of 11 online sessions 90 min each in a small group
    • LIVE ONLINE sessions with the coach
    • Access to business owners and agile specialists closed club
    • Possibility to skip sessions and attend later
    • Possibility to ask and get answers to any question
    • Additional materials (check-lists, books, video)
    • Join from anywhere in the world at convenient time.
    • Build your OWN schedule
  • Sponsored by IT-MBA

    Joining from developing countries and need financial support
    Valid for one month
    • We have a special fund to support People
    • from Developing countries and
    • people in need/veterans/students
    • IT-MBA Academy fund will cover rest of the course cost
    • The course for you will be only 499 USD.
    • Remaining amount will be covered by special IT-MBA fund.
    • 1 Person can purchase only 1 discounted plan per year.

Is A-CSPO worth it? Feedback from Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO®) Graduates in 2023

Manrique Natalia / Product Manager / USA

Vlad(Volodymyr Trush) provides unvaluable insights and makes the sessions interactive and incredibly productive. I am absolutely thrilled that I chose this course -- the pace is perfect and Vlad is an amazing instructor. I am sad it is done!

Enrico Marongiu/ Product Manager Telit / ITALY

I totally recommend this learning model, where standalone-yet-connected workshops create a fruitful hands-on work-and-learn environment. Several knowledge items were already implemented successfully in my job. I already recommended this course to friends and colleagues and I look forward to participating in the next course


Palak Sethi / Product Manager, Electrolux /SWEDEN

What an amazing journey & experience it was. Truly commendable . The learnings I gained during the classes I am surely going to implement those. You are a very nice coach & the organizer. You have also ensure how to make the session more interactive  so that everyone won't feel shy & will speak up. The best thing I liked about Vlad is even if the answer is wrong he will say Fantastic  to encourage you. Last but not the least, thank you so much & I will be touch with you both for my next certification 

I would recommend the Coach Vlad to my colleagues & friends

Ionut Mihai Sandu/ Head of Software Engineering


Amazing job!!!! had a blast while having the course, I would recommend to anyone that still wants to learn how to take care of a product

Artem Antonenko / Engineering Manager / LUXEMBOURG

I was lucky to be a part of the strongest team of Physics in Ukraine. Our trainer always said: "To teach how to solve problems in physics, you need to show how you are solving them, but to learn how to solve them - you need to solve them by yourself". I'm really glad that had a chance to participate in the coaching, not a training program and therefore to get a much deeper understanding of the subject. And special thanks to the amazing coach Volodymyr Trush. Wish all your students can absorb at least 10% of your knowledge.

Jeevan Raja Ravindharan / Principal Consultant / USA

Hands on experience and good Coach. He really did a good job and thanks for his way of coaching. Was really helpful in identifying the difference of my current approach using the knowledge I had gained

Robert Jenyo / Product owner,   NHS / GREAT BRITAIN

I learnt new tools, trends, methods and techniques to apply to my daily tasks as a Product Owner. The course was delivered on an excellent platform. It was comprehensive in terms of content. Thoroughly interactive - providing an excellent mix between theory and activities. Vlad was an excellent and amazing instructor. He brought a wealth of knowledge and first hand experience to the course delivery. I loved the mastery of the topics and the clear examples provided by Vlad. Through the training I feel well equipped to be a more effective Product Owner. I would highly recommend this course.

Likitsarun Tawatchai / Digital Product Manager / THAILAND

Vlad is an excellent coach, facilitator and high-level professional. We had a lot of practical tasks and group discussions which is especially important for product managers who use foundational knowledge with enhanced implementation skills on the daily basis.


Taylor Loma /Product Owner/ Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

You can actually take this and implement this at work, I really do find reading further and getting some of the books recommended valuable to ensure you build up a great library of knowledge, this course also makes you think about the topic discussed, instead of listening to a short video and have questions to unanswered. Coach is truly brilliant, he never makes you feel you are wrong or tells you are wrong, he really does couch you, his knowledge is also impeccable, so thank you Vlad really nicely done, one thing I would recommend, maybe have the course 3 times a week it might be a bit long between each to have only twice a week

Alla Slobodeaniuc / Product Manager / ESTONIA

Vlad is an excellent coach, facilitator and high-level professional. We had a lot of practical tasks and group discussions which is especially important for product managers who use foundational knowledge with enhanced implementation skills on the daily basis.

Top companies for Product Owners in United States and  highest paying salary package reported for a Product Owner/ Product Manager

Product Manager at Microsoft sits at a yearly total compensation of $305,000

Switzerland: 177,000 CHF (around €169,400). The national average salary in Switzerland is about 124,000 CHF. 

Highest paying cities for Product Owners near United States: New York

Senior Product Manager at Salesforce 299,250.00 USD

The average base salary for a product manager in Australia is $128,857 per year

The average salary for a product manager in New Zealand is NZ $111,530 per year

Junior product owner salary: $69,691 VS Chief Product Owner salary:$227,922

The average salary for a product manager working at Meta is $172,974 per year

How much do similar professions get paid in United States? (

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