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  • In late February 2022 after Russia's invasion of Ukraine. More than 6 million refugees have since left Ukraine

  • By 24 March 2022, more than half of all children in Ukraine had left their homes, of whom a quarter had left the country.

  • 25% immediately after crossing the border chose any free bus and moved to any country, to stay away from the war. And there they remained face to face with the new language, the bureaucratic processes of registration and adaptation

Many people have united, created organizations that are meeting Ukrainians at the border and helping with integration in different countries, but with the growing number of people it is also extremely difficult to keep abreast of all events and appeals and this adds to them and those who came additional stress.

That is why we released special software product Mriia (Dream), our goal:

  • give volunteers the opportunity to focus on what they do best help people in need

  • give Ukrainians a tool that will help with integration and further stay.

By Joining Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO®)  You are helping us to help others. Thank you for that a lot. 

Founder of IT-MBA.Academy and Mriia.Online Vlad (Volodymyr Trush)


How this is working? 

if you are a volunteer organization and helping Ukrainians, we will digitize (move to Online) and provide a service for managing your organization online. We already released this product in Europe and Ukrainians through Mriia are able to: 

  • Find Job or make request and get support in finding job

  • Find place to live and make request and get support with housing 

  • Many more but not less important 

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