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Learn how to Stand Out In a Competitive Market


Your Idea is not good enough? 
Not sure will you ever have customers? 
Searching for a right time?

Struggling with forecasting and cash flow?
Product backlog is growing and revenue not really?
Thinking of reaching highest Product Owner salary?


and meanwhile on the market

Limited to Only 76 students for the Entire Year! 

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IT-MBA Academy. Get certified as Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner A-CSPO®
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Manrique Natalia

Product Manager, USA

Vlad(Volodymyr Trush) provides unvaluable insights and makes the sessions interactive and incredibly productive. I am absolutely thrilled that I chose this course -- the pace is perfect and Vlad is an amazing instructor. I am sad it is done!

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Palak Sethi

Product Manager, Electrolux

What an amazing journey & experience it was. Truly commendable . The learnings I gained during the classes I am surely going to implement those. You are a very nice coach & the organizer. You have also ensure how to make the session more interactive  so that everyone won't feel shy & will speak up. The best thing I liked about Vlad is even if the answer is wrong he will say Fantastic  to encourage you. Last but not the least, thank you so much & I will be touch with you both for my next certification 

I would recommend the Coach Vlad to my colleagues & friends


Regina Rimkute

Product Owner at WIZATA S.A.


Vlad is an excellent coach with rich experience. I find it interesting listening and discussing with him

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Enrico Marongiu

Product Manager Telit,  ITALY

I totally recommend this learning model, where standalone-yet-connected workshops create a fruitful hands-on work-and-learn environment. Several knowledge items were already implemented successfully in my job. I already recommended this course to friends and colleagues and I look forward to participating in the next course


Anna Serebriannikova

Project/Product Management with 10 years of experience

I am grateful to our coach Vladymyr for interesting informative sessions in a cool team of like-minded people with practical recommendations and analysis of mistakes. The case when you are really looking forward to the next week and new session again and again.

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Robert Jenyo

Product owner,   NHS


I learnt new tools, trends, methods and techniques to apply to my daily tasks as a Product Owner. The course was delivered on an excellent platform. It was comprehensive in terms of content. Thoroughly interactive - providing an excellent mix between theory and activities. Vlad was an excellent and amazing instructor. He brought a wealth of knowledge and first hand experience to the course delivery. I loved the mastery of the topics and the clear examples provided by Vlad. Through the training I feel well equipped to be a more effective Product Owner. I would highly recommend this course.


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It can be a problem to solve, an idea to test or even make some new friends
Our managers are always ready to answer your questions. You can call us at the weekends and at night.
Join 5 sessions in Live Online format, complete all tasks during sessions.
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Increasing Demand for Specialists who can differentiate their products on so saturated markets 

Organizations are hiring to increase the speed of delivery, customer value and to keep market leader position ahead of their peers in today’s competitive marketplace

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4  out of 5 Enterprises are incredibly happy and see a Person with such a skill as part of their team
Lack of Advanced Specialists on the market

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Holding Bills
Average Salary from 130K per annum
And it keeps growing

During the course, you’ll learn to:


  • Identify The Competition

  • Research Your Target Market

  • Differentiate Your Product or Service

  • Create a Strong Branding Strategy

  • Stand Out From The Competition With Unique Marketing Strategies (Value proposition)


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This is an Advance level and 100% Practice if you would like to have a course with more theory or old pre-recorded content then you might need to find another course on the market. Here we will have to work and a lot!

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Individually, with a Team or even a Separate course for your Enterprise

All that is possible: Join our sessions individually, with your team, or even we can run individual sessions for your Enterprise. Our sessions are built with Customers in mind.